Human Capital Consulting

Do you have the absolute best team for your system and culture in place?  Can you be sure that you can maintain the success of your team as you add more members? 

Selecting the right people is a crucial start to any successful effort. Using its proprietary framework, Aim to Win will work with you on developing a Targeted Selection Process. This process enables your leaders to consistently identify the right skills and the right characteristics of a candidate to not only perform the work but fit your culture and your operating strategy.  The Targeted Selection Process will include tools for selection, training on effectively using the tools, and best practices to drive effective hiring practices throughout your organization.  We have also partnered with TTI Success Insights® to allow Aim to Win to provide job benchmarking and assessment services to allow for an even sharper look at your potential talent.  The success of a hire does not end with making the hire, so Aim to Win also offers a customized Targeted Onboarding Tool to make sure your new stars hit the ground running.

Are you interested in ensuring that you have a championship team in place, now and in the future?  If so, contact us today for a free consultation!

Talent Selection