Our Strength

Aim to Win helps companies win in their marketplace by harnessing the potential of their people and the organization.   We leverage executive-level, hands-on experience in different economic environments, from turnaround to growth to provide custom solutions. Our solutions are built around your business realities and are pragmatic, flexible and results-driven.  

At Aim to Win, we do not believe that there is a “one size fits all” approach to human capital problem resolution.  Our strength lies in our ability to understand your business and build solutions in that context.

We strive to leverage business expertise, combined with creative problem solving ability and a future looking mindset to help companies create a planned, integrated and sustainable organization that will drive strong results--now and in the future.

Human Capital Consulting

Our Process

We begin with an initial consultation with your business, where we will gain a full understanding of the issues that you are confronted with.  Once we have finished our initial evaluation, we will build a plan that will meet the specific needs of your organization, using our suite of fully customizable Aim to Win tools.  

Once we reach agreement with you on the right approach, we will begin building the right solution for your business.

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Wade Thomas leverages nearly ten years of executive-level hands-on experience to create high performance cultures in high-growth industries. A turnaround expert who practices servant leadership and believes organizations need a repeatable system where talent can be handpicked for success. Through active listening and integration of proven strategies, partners with the c-suite to build forward thinking and sustainable tools that drive change from the outside in. True business consultant who frames HR best practices within the context of the business, is pragmatic, yet flexible, and understands there is not a “one size fits all” approach to HR problem resolution. Sought after expert public speaker who is MBA prepared, SPHR certified, practical, analytical, action and results oriented, forward looking, and customer focused. 

Wade Thomas

Our Vision